CaringLink offers a telecare alarm service to individuals wishing to live an independent life, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our service is designed to provide greater independence, quality of life and wellbeing to elderly, disabled or vulnerable individuals wishing to remain in their own home.

We offer 3 service options - BASIC, RESPONSE & FALLS. Each option includes an alarm base unit that plugs straight into your phone socket and power supply, a wearable trigger (worn around the wrist or neck) and the monitoring of your alarm calls. 


Lifeline Alarm


£3.75 per week

• Alarm base unit 

• 1x MyAmie trigger

• 24/7 monitoring

• Neck cord attachment

• Wrist strap attachment

• You supply 2 or more personal responders 

Emergency Response


£6.25 per week

• Alarm base unit

• 1x MyAmie trigger

• 24/7 monitoring

• Neck cord attachment

• Wrist strap attachment

• Trained staff respond to your emergencies*


Falls Alarm


from £5.75 per week

• Alarm base unit

• 1x iVi or Vibby falls detector

• 24/7 monitoring

• Wrist/Neck attachment

• Choose BASIC or RESPONSE option

All new customers will be charged a one-off installation fee of £20. The alarm equipment remains the property of CaringLink Telecare Alarms and must be returned (in its entirety) upon cancellation of the service

A telecare alarm (community alarm, pendant alarm, lifeline alarm) is an aid installed in the home that provides a 24 hour response to those living independently. The alarm is connected to the mains power supply and your telephone line.

In the event of an emergency (e.g. - illness or accident), the alarm can be activated, connecting you to a dedicated monitoring centre. Appropriate action will then be taken to ensure your safety which may include alerting a member of staff, contacting the emergency services, a relative, carer or friend.

pendant alarm

Along with your alarm base unit you'll also receive a discreet manual trigger that can be worn on an elasticated strap around your wrist or on a cord around your neck. 

The trigger is easy to press and has a radio range of 50 - 100 metres so you can continue to enjoy your home and garden safe in the knowledge that help is a mere button press away.

The trigger is also water resistant up to 1m meaning it's perfeclty safe to wear in the shower. Wearing it in the bath should be avoided where possible.

peace of mind


Peace of mind and reassurance that, in an emergency, help can be summoned from anywhere in the home or garden leaving you to get on with the things you enjoy most

peace of mind


We recommend you test your alarm every month by pressing your trigger. Testing will allow the monitoring centre to check you're OK and confirm the status of the alarm equipment

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